Monday, November 12, 2012

The Shoeless Crowd

We were very fortunate that Hurricane Sandy passed by us to the northeast, and our area was spared any real effects from the storm.  We never lost power, and so I was able to watch the coverage of the aftermath of the storm as it unfolded.

One of the things that really struck me was how many of the displaced people were making their way through flooded streets with no shoes on.  Many evacuees were wading through flooded streets barefoot, carrying the only pair of shoes that had with them.  I assume that the thought process was to keep the shoes dry so they could put them back on when they got where they were going.  That's only a guess.  I didn't have a chance to ask them personally, and none of the reporters asked the question.

None of the shoeless crowd had any type of bug-out bag, luggage, or even a grocery sack with essentials in it.  I never personally saw it on the news, but I read several reports of people foraging for food out of dumpsters.  So, just so I understand, a lot of people's planning process for dealing with this natural disaster included wandering out into flooded streets shoeless, with no essential supplies, and foraging for food out of the trash, waiting around for the relief agencies to come help them out.  That's terrific.

Seriously people, you don't have to spend $300,000 on a fortified retreat to be a prepper.  Taking a few basic precautions, having a week's worth of food and water stored at your home, stockpiling a few basic tools, weapons, and equipment will make you more prepared for an emergency that a large portion of the population.

If you do have to evacuate your home, try wearing a solid pair of shoes when you're wading around the flooded streets.  Who knows what kind of debris is under the water?  Stepping on a jagged piece of concrete with no shoes on and lacerating your foot is a sure way to invite infection.  When FEMA or the Red Cross is waiting around the corner in a Zodiac boat to float you to safety, you can get away with this sort of nonsense, but when there is no outside help coming, and you are in a long-term survival situation, an infected foot will can get you killed.

Taking the time to put a toothbrush, personal hygiene kit, wallet, medication, extra glasses, a blanket, change of cloths, and extra shoes into a pillow case and taking your little bug-out bag with you will really pay off when you get to the shelter.  If you want to get really high-speed, you can stock up on a little beef jerky and pork and beans, and then you can forgo eating out of the trash, unless that's really what you're in to.

Here's a link to a video that we made talking about the importance of having a few alternate sources of light available when the grid goes down.  We made it Halloween night, after the trick or treaters had all come and gone, so I'm dressed up like a Zombie, but the information is still relevant.  For a lot of us, the concept of having a few flashlights, extra batteries, bulbs, and candles on hand will seem pretty basic, but for the shoeless clueless crowd, this might seem like advanced stuff.  Hope you enjoy.

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