Thursday, November 29, 2012

Color Code Alert Levels

Color Code Alert Levels

The color code alertness levels are designed to help overcome a person's initial fight, flight or freeze reaction to danger.  The system is comprised of between four and five colors, depending on which version you read.  I prefer the four color version for simplicity.  Why do it in five colors when I can get it done in four?


White is the lowest level on the scale.  Unfortunately, a lot of people spend a good deal of their lives in condition white.  In white, a person is not paying close attention to what is going on around them, and may miss many of the details of daily life.  Wandering around in condition white is a good way to wind up dead or horribly maimed.  At best you'll miss some pretty interesting stuff.   Condition white is for chilling out inside your home, secure behind your alarm system and moat. 
Condition Chill

                                                             CONDITION YELLOW

Condition yellow is a relaxed state of alertness.   In condition yellow, a person is relaxed and calm, but is aware of his surroundings. He notices details, but is not concentrating so hard that he tires quickly and is no longer effective.  Condition yellow is easy to maintain for an extended periods of time, like years, without tiring.  Whenever we are outside the secure perimeters of our homes, we should be in yellow.

Condition Cool

                                                              CONDITION ORANGE
Condition orange represents the third level.  A person goes from yellow to orange when she notices something out of place, threatening, or unusual.  A person in orange is paying close attention to what is causing the concern.  She is actively scanning her environment, searching for additional clues and information concerning the situation.  If the cause for concern turns out to be nothing, it is easy to return to yellow, and just as easy to escalate to condition red if needed.   

Condition I See You

                                                                    CONDITION RED

Condition red is a coiled spring, waiting to release its energy.  The situation has escalated, and all her energy, concentration, and focus are directly on the possible threat.  She is mentally and physically prepared to respond to an attack, should it develop.  She is scanning her sectors.  If no attack develops, she drops down into orange, and downgrades to yellow as she away from the danger area.  

Condition Crazy Eyes

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